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    Combined machining of milling and turning of large parts

    Composite machining is the implementation of several different machining processes on one machine that is an advanced manufacturing technology. Turning and milling combined machining is the most difficult composite machining. It is equivalent to the combination of a CNC lathe and a machining center. It is widely used in today's society.
    Combined machining process for milling and turning

    At present, most of the turning and milling combined machining is done at the turning center. The general turning center only replaces the ordinary turret tool holder of the CNC lathe with the turret tool holder with the power tool. Due to the structure and size limitation of the turret, the power of the power head is small, the speed is not high, and a large tool cannot be installed. Such turning centers are mainly for turning, and the milling and drilling functions are only for auxiliary machining.

    Kangding Company provides the German DMCFD series of turning-milling CNC machine tools, which combines milling and turning technology into one machine based on 5-axis milling machine. The table has a rotating function and can reach 1,200 rpm, which is equivalent to a vertical CNC lathe workbench with turning capability.

    The CNC oscillating milling head has a B-axis function that can be rotated around the Y-axis so that 5-sided machining and 5-axis simultaneous milling can be achieved.

    The DMCFD series of turning and milling composite CNC machine tools is equivalent to a combined machine tool of CNC vertical lathe and five-axis linkage machining center.

    Due to the DMCFD series of turn-milling CNC machine tools, the main motor power is 47kW, the torque is up to 6,200Nm, and the maximum load of the workbench is 2,500kg.

    Therefore, the DMCFD series of turn-milling CNC machine tools are very suitable for a variety of milling and machining applications for large parts. Turning and milling can be done in one fixture.
    KangDing introduces German DMCFD turn-milling CNC machine tool
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